The students have descended upon the hallowed grounds of The University of Oklahoma. They luckily come in trickles and tomorrow will be the biggest move in day yet, with some 2K students moving into the towers. At least that’s the rumor! I’m not entirely ready for the semester to begin – things are so busy right now (by somewhat of my own design) but the energy that we all seem to get from the coming start of term is a positive thing.

It makes me think about how to teach my class differently. How to engage students, but also help steer them into being good stewards while they are under our care. The busy time at work makes home life suffer as I drag in exhausted from the day and the commute, but my husband has been wonderful in picking me up my fave ice tea from OnCue and having it waiting for me each day. It really is the little things that help marriage keep ticking. Even so worn out from getting home around 7PM last night, I saw to his aching back with a massage and then we collapsed on the couch for an hour before going to bed. Next week things will calm down a bit and

Next week things will calm down a bit. I should be getting home at the normal time – but with more traffic!  I haven’t been going to the gym the last few weeks – from being in Colorado, then couldn’t get back into the swing of my morning schedule, to being so busy with work it just made sense to not kill myself in trying to get a workout in and hustle to get where I need to be.  So Monday not only brings a new semester star but a fresh start to my morning routine and the gym.  I’m really looking forward to it, though I know I’ll be frustrated because I’ll have lost some strength so my numbers won’t be great.  That’s OK though – I’m not training for anything right now so it doesn’t matter.  Just put in the work.

I’ve had some benefits still of leaving the house so early.  The morning sunrise.  This week has been especially giving in the beautiful sunrises.

sunrise okc