Growing up so fast and like a flash, she’s a sophomore. She had a pretty good summer, most notably the week she stayed with us to go to Rock and Roll Camp for Girls!  She was again a drummer, and despite some struggles with anxiety, she killed it – she really did.  I was so proud of all that she accomplished.  This year she will begin taking French! I look forward to hearing her speak the phrases that I know will sound just sweet coming from her.  She is changing so much, sometimes so fast.  Still struggling with standing on her own but to see her fight against the things she does makes me have faith that she will conquer everything.  This summer she was baptised, and I was thrilled because the week after (I think it was) I was also baptised!  I hope she grows closer in her relationship with God and maybe that will help her with some of the battles she faces.  I’m getting really bad about writing these each year, as time passes away from when she lived under my roof.  I’m still here watching, still listening, and will always be.  Do us all proud this year, kiddo!