Another adventure begins with Michelle and her new website.  I was given the opportunity yesterday to set up my own domain, get started with a new way of thinking about digital identity, as well as how I can help the students I teach, interact with, and support at the University of Oklahoma start to really discover what the web means.  The students that are coming into our university now have had a digital life, their whole lives pretty much.  The difference when I was there age, is I understood what the web was. I understood HTML and how websites functioned, what discussion boards, and IRC was.  These kids just know they click a button and Facebook appears and they type.

I hope to be able to expand my digital world, curate the places that I visit, the things that I share, and really open my eyes to a new way to thinking about how we use these spaces.  It will be a bumpy adventure for sure, but one that I’m really excited to take part in.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!