So I started my new job this week and of course that put everything else on the back burner (even my 30 day challenge, though I have been putting in multiples most of the time and throwing a bunch of stuff away so I’m going to count it)

I am LOVING my new place of employment. Everyone is quite friendly, positive, and I look forward to work each day. Yes, I know that it’s been three days but having this feeling is amazing!

I have set up my new desk, new computers, and have been really trying to get into the flow of everything but there is a lot to learn in the days, weeks ahead. It’s very laid back here, I mean we have schedules and such, but everyone is chill. It’s very quiet on this part of the campus for the most part and it’s so weird not having people pop in and out of the office during the day. While I always loved visitors, sometimes it could be a distraction.

One thing I definitely miss is Kevin. My work partner, husband for the last few years, his smile and daily chats are missed deeply. I miss some other friends as well, but it is weird that once I left the old place, I haven’t talked to much of those folks since. I would hope that wouldn’t happen so soon, but life moves on.

So I just wanted to pop on right quick and say that I am very happy with my new post at the University and I’m looking forward to seeing everything unfold!