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Duct Tape and Blood

(forgot to finish this and publish.. so here it is raw) 4 Rolls of Duct Tape (various colors) 8 rolls of moving tape 1000000 boxes Several bruises One manicure ruined One finger-tip sliced Lots of family and friends helping Many… Continue Reading →

I cannot wait

(I forgot to hit Publish on this back on October 29th)! Tomorrow is the day that things change…. we close on our new house! My dream house.. the Pumpkin house as Tony calls it (his nickname for me).. but I… Continue Reading →

And just like that – we’re onto the next adventure!

Months ago, I set up a Zillow.com search for houses and would receive emails almost daily with offerings in the different ranges I set up. Tony and I have been looking to buy our own home for awhile now, but… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Donated

I’ve decided to not only try to get rid of things (donate them) but to also keep track just for the sake when looking back. I know the first several days/attempts will have more than others simply because I’m fired… Continue Reading →

Cleaning House

I’ve decided to start doing something radical at home. Every day for 30 days, I’m going to put something in the donate box. I’m going to start really making an effort to declutter our life. We are really lucky with… Continue Reading →

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