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A month..

It’s been a month since we got married… life has been moving along steadily! I’m happy. Really happy and that’s just the answer I give when people ask how married life is! Good changes have happened since we got hitched….. Continue Reading →


So I’m trying something new.  My focus has been all over the place lately which has resulted in not posting much.  So I’m taking a cue from another blog I read and posting some of my “currents”… Reading: One of my… Continue Reading →

I cannot wait

(I forgot to hit Publish on this back on October 29th)! Tomorrow is the day that things change…. we close on our new house! My dream house.. the Pumpkin house as Tony calls it (his nickname for me).. but I… Continue Reading →

All the FEELS and none of the fun

I don’t often post anywhere about my struggling feelings anymore, having long since learned to process and deal with them better. Lately though, everything just FEELS…. Since my training injury the other week (pulled my piriformis during deadlifts), I’ve not been… Continue Reading →

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