I’ve decided to not only try to get rid of things (donate them) but to also keep track just for the sake when looking back.

I know the first several days/attempts will have more than others simply because I’m fired up to do this and I’m off work at the moment (yay, one more week!). I just want to be able to keep up with this and I think updating the blog will help! Donate one thing a day for 30 days!

I’m posting pics on Facebook for any local friends who may want to take something off my hands, after a day if they do not it’s off to the donation center!

9/7¬†– ¬†blender, food processor, 8 cookbooks, bathroom rug, bag of kids clothes (outgrown), puppy potty pads (didn’t need anymore), old computer case (who has those anymore), monitor, keyboard, travel neck roll, a keg tap (yep, still have it from college), lots of glasses, and barware..

9/8 – two more glasses (so far that’s it because I’m not feeling well but at least its something to the box!)

9/9 – four pot holders, 4 green checked napkins (omg, i’ve had those FOREVER), several plastic chopsticks, orange peelers, odd extra measuring cups…(I also cleaned out the laundry room junk drawers and under the kitchen sink cabinet and threw a grocery sack of stuff away!)

9/10 – 9/15 – I threw away more than I’ve put in the donation boxes. I went through a lot of old work notebooks and things and tossed 3 garbage bags worth of stuff. I’m counting it because it’s stuff that is leaving the house!