First Day of Freshman Year! August 12, 2015

My high schooler

My high schooler

I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that today, you started HIGH SCHOOL.  Yes, I’m shouting!  I have a feeling that this year is going to be your year, kid.  You’re so excited for percussion, vocals, art (THANK GOD these things are being brought back to your school district).  You are excited about biology and even algebra.  Your excitement is infectious and I’m just giddy waiting to talk to you after school today to find out how it went (hopefully in more than one word responses LOL).

Over the last 6 months, I’ve seen you start to come back around to the excited, smiling, more optimistic kid and it’s been such a relief to see you smile more, be more engaged, and be HAPPY!  This summer, you got back into playing soccer. While you aren’t jazzed about the team dynamics, you’re playing hard, and giving it your best.  For that, I’m proud of you.  The most awesome thing this summer was the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls where you blossomed into a drummer, into an even bigger supporter of your peers, and where I got to see you shine once again.

You got hooked on drums and now get to do percussion at school (I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I’m guessing maybe band drumming) and this THRILLS me.  You finally get to engage that creative side of you at school that you have so very much needed.  Then you add in vocals AND ART!  AND ART!  I cannot wait to see what creations you make from all of these experiences.

I just have a good feeling about this year, my chicken.  As always, I’m cheering from the sidelines watching you make decisions and navigate life as much on your terms as we can allow a 14 year old.  I’m just in awe of the brass that you have sometimes in how you handle yourself.  You are brave.  You are bold.  You are fierce, feisty, and just amazing.  I love you kid.  My highschooler… not so kid like anymore it seems.  You’ll always be my chicken, my kiddo, and I’ll always be here.  Always.


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