(This was written as I was returning home from a conference on July 18th, 2014 & unedited)

Leaving Nashville. Flying in the clouds and seeing the beautiful colours that the sun and sky are making together.. It makes you want to stop and take stock of what you find important in life.

It seems odd to look out this window and that be what I think about, but it is. The amazing ability we humans have to travel. For fun. Not because we are forced out of our homes, our cities or towns but because we WANT to.  We have so much privilege, well not all of us, but those that do we know it. There is a lot of talk about checking privilege recently and while I’m not going to get into all that really..  I do feel you have to acknowledge the basic fact that if you have made it to an advanced age, with good health, with a career, money in the bank, and the many perks that come with that, then you have more than someone sleeping on the street.

In Nashville  this week, steps from my hotel (The Hilton), there were folks sleeping on benches. People wearing paper for shoes, looks of weary on their faces, and many seemed to have some mental issues. It’s hard to walk past these people and not help them in some way. We do, though. We get irritated at them for bothering us. We talk poorly about them and assume we know best. That we’d never end up there.  What the hell do we know about their lives? Nothing.

I’ve never been brave to ask their stories. There is a man in my town that has been homeless for as long as I can recall. On occasion I’ve given him food but never talked to him to find out why he lives on the streets.  I need to stop and talk next time I see him.

As I did the tourist thing, bought a few souvenirs, I always had in my mind that I don’t need more shit. I have enough stuff to fill a three bedroom house. I shouldn’t have bought anything. In the end my memory and the pics I snapped with my phone should be enough. I’m better than I used to be about travel shopping but I still have that impulse to buy. To fill some void.

At the end of this long day home, the most important thing to me is getting to see my fiancé. Getting to be home. My sanctuary. My heart.

I’m happiest at home. With Tony and our four fur kids and when Pandy is home, everything is completely whole. I used to try to say I was simple but always trying to for into something, somewhere. The last few years have taught me and somehow this trip reminded me that I am happiest at home, with simplicity.

I have had enough complicated for a few lifetimes and I start this new season of life seeking more peace, more simple ways, and definitely continuing to fill the well of happiness.

“Relieve the pain so the good can grow”