(I forgot to hit Publish on this back on October 29th)!

Tomorrow is the day that things change…. we close on our new house! My dream house.. the Pumpkin house as Tony calls it (his nickname for me).. but I like to call it the House of Bull.  When we started talking about buying a house last year, his requirements were it must have a good space for our gym and a great yard for the dogs.  Mine of course were much, much grander – of course. I’m picky and I want what I want.  These are things he knows and supports and sometimes loves about me.

So when we found the house, it became the Pumpkin House.  The Pumpkin Dream House!  Bull is my nickname for him – he’s big, powerful, and dangerous around delicate things (excluding me)! BabyBulls are the dogs – even though they are canine, they all have his Bull like qualities…more so than any Pumpkin like qualities! So the House of Bull is us.. all of us.. the two of us, Pandy, and the 4 bullbabies.. The House of Bull… I like it.