It’s a gorgeous day out today, but I’m inside enjoying it because well… work!  That’s ok, I don’t mind as I do love coming into work everyday. I was able to start my day off wishing my love good luck on his new job and heading to see my nephew at his daycare. Today was a special day for his auntie to be able to visit, read a story, and play with him at school. I’ll tell you, that kid is a riot.  He makes me laugh all the time and is just FULL of love and light.  I’m the luckiest to be his auntie!

Today is the start of my second week on the new job! Last week was awesome and I’m loving the place. It’s definitely moving at a different pace than I’m used to, but I’m trying to put that to my advantage and catch up on some educational reading (blogs I flag to read and never did) and trying to get some work stuff organized.  I’m doing work, just not the level I was before but I know it’s because we haven’t started on the next swing of courses yet.  I am hoping to help out more with the website redesign, we started it last week with mapping the current one on the wall with sticky notes!  That was fun and it gave me a chance to see all what our website had on it – I had no idea there were those resources for faculty!  I can’t wait to start diving deep into things though!

Life is going pretty well. I’m glad of it.