In a quick 50 some-odd-days, Tony and I will get married! It seemed like the last year just flew by after our Christmas Eve engagement of 2013. Life kinda took a couple odd twists and turns, but eventually in the fall things settled in with new opportunities and then a crazy decision to go see a house I caught a glimpse of online. Then we bought said house.. then the holidays came.. and we were like “Um, are we still planning to get hitched on our anniversary?”

We both said yes. We didn’t want to wait another year just because we were short on time to plan something.

So about a week or so before Christmas, we put our heads together, discussed options, and we began figuring things out – location for wedding, location for a party, invitations, how many we’d invite, and what we’d wear.

Tony wanted a suit, I wanted a pretty dress but not a wedding dress. I just wanted to feel beautiful, to sparkle. He wanted a suit, one thing he’s never had his whole life. He wanted to look the part of the dashing groom and to have the suit for other purposes in the future. I designed a quick, cute invitation – we decided on the guest list – my immediate family, his sister & brother, and our friends. Smallish, but a room of people who love us and support us was what we wanted.

So here we are having now found his suit (he is going to look AMAZING), my dress (I squeed with delight when after about 20 dresses, I found the one!), our shoes, our rings (He’s still deciding, but we think it’s narrowed down), and a few other details. There is still a long list of things to tackle, but we’ll handle them.. together. Like we always do.

I’m beyond excited. Our life together moved quickly when we first got together… not 6 months after starting to date, we were signing a lease on a house together. It never felt rushed, nothing ever did. It always seemed right. Exactly right. I couldn’t be happier to be marrying him. He truly is my best friend, my best everything.