(forgot to finish this and publish.. so here it is raw)

4 Rolls of Duct Tape (various colors)

8 rolls of moving tape

1000000 boxes

Several bruises

One manicure ruined

One finger-tip sliced

Lots of family and friends helping

Many laughs had

One House of Bull moved in…
We moved into our new house the weekend of November 7th and we couldn’t be happier!  It was a long process moving and then unpacking and my eventual return yesterday to work.

The first week in our new house, it snowed.  SNOWED!  It was such a gift.  I love the snow and for it to snow our first week in OUR new house, it was just beautiful.


The first snow

I spent the last week unpacking as much as I could and trying to get us settled.  Having more stuff than Tony has always been challenging, but it’s also an exercise in thinking about what I really need.  I donated so many things this move, it felt really good to lighten our load and to also know that the things I’ve donated are going to help others.  As I unpack I’m also putting things in the donate pile!  Having a smaller home than in the past (but amazingly enough it feels bigger) has also helped with the “what do we need” situation.

The view out back

The view out back