I’ve decided to start doing something radical at home. Every day for 30 days, I’m going to put something in the donate box. I’m going to start really making an effort to declutter our life. We are really lucky with all that we have, but stuff is just stuff and it’s time to tackle it. I have been thinking about this for a long time, but it hit me again as I was reading a very heavy article over at The Minimalists.  The article was about letting go of a loved one after they passed way but it reminded me of something my Momma and I have often talked about regarding stuff and just having things.

A while back The Minimalist crew posted about a 30 Day Minimalism Game and while I don’t think I can do the game in the way they intend, I think I will make a huge start with committing to one thing a day.  I’m going to need reminders about this as I start my new job next week and things will undoubtedly get busy, but I am looking forward to clearing things out and making room for simple space.  Not every drawer, every shelf, every space needs to be full of something…

I started today and have already given away a food processor and a blender – both of which I’ve not used since we moved into this house in August of 2012.  It isn’t easy for me to get rid of kitchen things, but knowing those two have not been used once made it a little easier!

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How hard is it for you to get rid of things?  I struggle mostly with personal items, things from my past, from my family – I don’t know what I’ll do when it comes to really deciding on some things but I know there will be lessons ahead for me.  I am looking forward to it though, I really feel like now is the time for me to really get my house in order!