Months ago, I set up a search for houses and would receive emails almost daily with offerings in the different ranges I set up. Tony and I have been looking to buy our own home for awhile now, but things kept getting in the way, and the hunt was paused multiple times.

We both just started new jobs (mine is a little different as its just moving departments!) and I thought that it would be best to wait a bit to start the hunt again. In my mind I was picturing after the holidays into the spring.

That all changed two weeks ago when I got a Zillow email with the picture of what is quickly becoming our home.

It was beautifully photographed, the sun rays coming through the big tree, and just framing it to be a dream home. Looking through the interior photos, I was intrigued. I wanted to see it for myself. I just figured it couldn’t hurt to just look. I contacted the realtor to schedule a showing and the next day, Tony and I were off to take a peek, have a little fun.

We drove up and it was just as the Zillow description said, “Feel at home the minute you pull up.” It was true. I could picture a bigger garden, maybe a swing from the big tree, or even a basketball hoop. I could see places for Christmas decorations, rockers for enjoying a nice evening, I could see us standing on the porch waving goodbye to visitors.

Our Future Home

We made an offer and it was accepted last week and now we are just waiting for everything to get done.  Currently in underwriting at the bank and that is nerve racking to say the least.  The sellers are trying to buy a home out of state where they are relocating so we hope that they do and quickly so that closing and moving stay on track.  CROSSING FINGERS TOES AND ELBOWS!

I’m so excited but overwhelmed with all the things to do in our current home and thinking about things in our next home.  I’m freaked out about posting this because I really hope everything goes ok. I’d be heartbroken if the loan fell through or something else didn’t get us this house.  This is the one. I knew it the minute we walked up to it.  I have had no worry about making the offer, just about everything working out.  We drive by it often, Tony has one of his offices close by and I do think its adorable when he tells me he stopped by the house, again.

Ok, I have to finally post this and then off to cross more toes….