MrMrsMeazell It’s been a month since we got married… life has been moving along steadily! I’m happy. Really happy and that’s just the answer I give when people ask how married life is! Good changes have happened since we got hitched.. a new job adventure for my husband, getting to spend every other weekend now with my daughter, and just feeling more full in our little family. It’s been lovely, busy, but lovely time.

I need to get back to writing her, taking more photos than selfies, and documenting my current journey back into fitness. After the holidays with the wedding looming, I gave up taking care of myself — insane, no? What bride goes “Ah, screw it.. let’s eat all the things and stop working out” Michelle and Pandyright before she puts on a wedding dress? This one apparently! The wedding was small, not very stressful except for the impending weather (it snowed heavily on our wedding day though we were not able to take advantaged of the beautiful snow with photos – my big regret).  Back to the wedding, it was everything we wanted and the only thing missing were the few family and friends that were unable to make it due to the weather (or life situations).  We know they were there in spirit and look back on our day with a big smile and full heart.

I started back with taking care of myself on March 20th and I have stuck to working out and eating right since then. I made myself sick the week before over spring break at my Granny’s by eating “ALL THE THINGS” and my body felt poisoned. I was miserable. I feel so much better now and I have to keep that Spring Break feeling in the forefront of my mind so I don’t repeat this AGAIN. For the millionth time.

I also joined the university’s fitness center/pool to be able to work out differently than I do at home. Currently I’m weight training 3 days a week, alternating upper and lower body. I’m adding in a hydro HIIT class at the pool, and will also do laps on days I don’t feel like the class. I’ll start going to the fitness center to do other workouts when evenings might be light on time for a workout and trying new things with machines I can’t do at home.

I Workout Plannerfeel different this time. I probably said that the last time I tried to get back on track, but this time it does feel different. I’m keeping track of my workouts in a small Moleskine journal that i tuck inside my planner – just what i did and how i felt. I think it will help me as I move along.

Okay, well I posted something and I’ll try to keep posting more. I have a list of ideas that I’d like to write about as well as just putting bits and bobs of our life up here as well.

Til next time…Be kind!