Just like always, I have the best of intentions at blogging. I get all excited to set up a new site (gee, I wonder how many I have out there floating about?), get a few posts under my belt, and then life just takes over.

So in that vain, I’m trying something new this year – another journal!  This time I’m trying to put it in a strategic place where I will definitely see it daily and have no trouble writing it. I’ve decided right before bed is the right time. I’ve placed my new journal from my wonderful friend, Elizabeth on my bedside table, along with a pen. The pen being key simply because no pen, no write. When I get into bed, I grab my journal and write whatever sticks out for the day. First couple of days were lengthy, but last two nights have been little clips, and that is OK by me. I don’t need to record ever second of my daily life, just the things that pop out at me. Five days in, we shall see how I progress!!  I figure I’ll also drum up some blog post ideas with my journaling – at least that is what I hope happens!

Another new thing is a I’ve brought back a daily planner – a paper one! OMG, paper you say? Yeah, well digital makes me itchy sometimes. I have an iPhone and sometimes I just can’t seem to find the right app that works for what I want. Reminders and Tasks doesn’t do what I need, Remember the Milk I’ve tried off and on, and well … paper planners used to work really well, so i’m giving it a go. We have a paper calendar on our fridge at home that we use a lot, we use a whiteboard to keep our to-do lists, so I figured maybe for my side of life, a planner would be good. It’s also another place to jot down little daily notes!

2014 ended in the slow and steady pace that I’m enjoying life in. We were in bed by 10, having spent the day doing the same things we always do and then watching some West Wing on Netflix. It’s hilarious, we have this huge list of movies and shows queued up, but we went back to old faithful WW. We love this how and I think this is the third time we’ve watched the series together.. seems to be at least once a year. Fitting to start off our third year together, we start the show over.

We rang in the new year, snuggled in bed, me reading, him snoring.. but we were together and in my life, that’s all I need.