I do hate lists about myself.. well sometimes I can geek out on them, but for the most part I get really self-conscious about what I say about me in lists… I’m a weirdo.

One — I love to read but seem to rarely make the time to enjoy it these days. I have a stack of about 20 books that I’ll eventually get to and in the meantime, I am listening to an audiobook on my drives to and from work. It’s my first time with audiobooks and I really like it, but I do think it has a lot more to do with the fact I love the series and the narrator is phenomenal!

Two — I have a quick switch to pissed off that always seems to bite me in the arse. I don’t really mean to get to 11 on the PO’d scale so quick, but it happens. It is something that I’m really trying to work on.

Three — I love Harry Potter but I’m not all total nerd about it and know every spell, every little hidden easter egg in the movies. Much like my love of Star Wars and Artoo, I’m not an encyclopedia of knowledge about the entire ‘verse. I just enjoy them, a lot. I just watched the Sorcerer’s Stone the other week and it still brings me joy. I’m going to start rereading the books soon.

Four — I need alone time. I never really realized it until the last few years that I do like to be alone sometimes. Some days I just need 20 minutes to myself, doing whatever and other times I could really use a few hours. I think its just I like to not have to talk, not have to do for anyone else, and I just want to be completely and totally me without anyone around. I know it sounds bizarre and probably selfish, but it’s just how it is!

Five — I do not have a great image of myself, meaning I don’t think myself anything special, I shy away when people give me praise although I do really seek it out (I just want people to like me, to tell me I’m good enough and I should know I am without that). So basically I have awful self-esteem (something some people don’t think is really a thing)… but again, just something else I’m working on.

Okay, gimme five about you….