(I apparently forgot to post this on the 4th)

Numbers… I can’t think of anything at the moment except age.  Age is one of those things I never paid much attention to..i never “felt my age” so to speak but as the years progress, the lines on my face multiply, and as I watch my dementia riddled grandmother decline.. age is a number for sure and it’s one I’m paying attention to now.  To be on the verge of 39 is a little jarring.  40 is that BIG number that a lot of people talk about and it does scare me.  I do not wish to get “older”.. wiser yes, but older no.  I don’t want my skin to change, to sag more, to have more lines, age spots.. I do not wish my hair to fade to grey (although if it could all go at once to a beautiful grey/silver I’d be for it)… anyway, I am more conscious now of age than I ever have been and there comes some want to go out and experience more of life than the day to day, but i love my day to day and so I think sometimes reading too many blogs or staring at far off lands on Instagram can be a bad thing!