(This month I am working off prompts from this blog to help me write a bit more! Technically her focus is photography and actually not blogging but it gave me a great idea so I’m going to use it for both!)

Well, I don’t eat breakfast currently on my diet. I do intermittent fasting to help with my weight loss and my insulin resistance. Before I started on my Duke no sugar/starch diet I never really ate breakfast as a rule. Then i started on the diet and I needed that fuel… but I’ve been up and down on that plan for a few years now and I’m trying something different, at least in the mornings. It does suck, I miss my scrambled eggs! It’s helped with my weight loss, that is until I sabotage myself again and just binge on all the bad things. That’s been happening more and more this year and it is beyond frustrating. All I’m doing is hurting my progress and killing my body even faster.

If I did eat breakfast, today I would have wanted pancakes. Not an “on diet” meal, but I love pancakes so since I don’t eat breakfast, nor carbs, we will just use today as a “fantasy” breakfast. Really pancakes make me think of Pandy. She always wanted chocolate chip pancakes on weekends and sometimes if I got up early enough on a weekday I would make them for her. Those were always a food that connects the two of us. I can picture her at age 5, sitting at the dining room table in our old house waiting patiently for pancakes to be done, while drinking either chocolate milk or hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows). Then she’d dive in and just be in a sugar heaven.

I love this kid.

While this isn’t a picture of breakfast, writing about this has made me think of her when she was smaller so I wanted to post a pic of it 🙂

(Taken on May 27, 2006)

(Taken on May 27, 2006)