Currently I am..

Excited that our Bogie is now on a digital billboard in OKC marketing the Pet Food Pantry of OKC. Tony and I are now on the board of the PFP and helping to raise awareness of the organization.

Trying to take care of myself and failing miserably. Fell off the food wagon last week and can’t seem to get back on despite my daily self-pep talks. I’m run down, stressed, and that makes for a deadly cocktail of me not doing what I know is best for myself.

Working to set up a neighborhood meeting to discuss adding sidewalks to our 1945 established area. So far the feedback has been all negative and the amount of work I’m putting into just getting the meeting and the newsletter together is exhausting. Everyone wants to have an opinion but no one wants to really DO anything. Beyond frustrated. I was given over the role of President of our neighborhood association and so far it hasn’t been a fun experience doing all of this.

Thinking about how to structure my fall class, but getting no where in developing it. I know I need to get my syllabus and schedule done soon but just not feeling inspired. Ironic that I didn’t go to Fusion this year and that’s really where I seem to get a jolt .. from an LMS conference that has nothing to do with my First Year Experience course.

Looking forward to next week when my daughter stays with me so she can go to Rock & Roll Girls Camp. The camp is something she is super excited about and I hope its everything she wants. They have a showcase at the end of the week where they play at the Civic Center in the small theatre and I really hope that she wants to do that and that her anxiety doesn’t cripple her. I remember when she was in elementary school and loved being on the stage for her grade level productions. She was such a ham back then.

Needing very much to have a good, restful nights sleep.. that hasn’t happened in a couple weeks and it really is starting to affect everything.