Feeling…tired. We have been letting Bogie sleep out of his crate for a couple of weeks and his preferred place to sleep is between my husband and I. This doesn’t sound so bad, sweet in fact, but he’s 85 pounds and likes to move around. A lot. He also likes to push his long legs out and I end up hugging the side of the bed.  It’ll get better.. right?

Doing… I’m working to back up my photos from Dropbox to Flickr in an attempt to get organized and to stop paying for Dropbox. I’ve been cleaning out files from there as well. I’m very bad about uploading to Dropbox and then never using the file again. I don’t have to keep everything!

Reading…. “Never Alone” this book I stumbled upon via someone I follow on Instagram. For several years now, I’ve been working to find God.. or really feel His presence and I’ve struggled. Having spent my whole life not going to church and then rallying against religion (Christian hypocrisy really), I still am trying to find my way through it all.  I understand now that it’s not just some switch you flip, everyone has a different journey they are on, and I just need to pay attention on the journey.

Enjoying…. Just went to my first ever Vans Warped Tour with my fourteen year old daughter and it was pretty awesome.  The music was awful for the most part, but seeing her in her element, charting her way through schedules, lines, people.. and just being a little more HER and less anxious than I’ve seen her in a long time was awesome. I’d do it all over again.. just apply more sunscreen next time.

Peeling… well almost.. I got wicked burnt on my upper traps and sides of my neck at Warped Tour despite repeated and insane application of sunscreen.. I’m at the blister part of this process and soon I’ll be peeling. I do not look forward to that, but anything is better than this itching I’m experiencing!

Loving.. life.