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Wishing I was not here

I just spent a week in Colorado – Keystone to be exact and I cannot get it out of my mind. The beauty of the scenery, the weather, the people (so friendly!), and adventures. I was so active last week… Continue Reading →

ok ok what’s next?

Well, next week I’ll be in Keystone, Colorado for the Canvas LMS conference and I can’t wait. My yearly con trips are restorative to me and usually, I come back chockablock full of ideas on what I want to try… Continue Reading →

Oh how she grows.. Sophomore

Growing up so fast and like a flash, she’s a sophomore. She had a pretty good summer, most notably the week she stayed with us to go to Rock and Roll Camp for Girls!  She was again a drummer, and… Continue Reading →

Um, is this thing still on?

Not sure why I decided to come post. I have nothing profound to talk about other than Prince has died and the world lost another musical visionary. Real talent in the age of all this auto-tune, raunchy, talentless “music”.  … Continue Reading →

08: Smooth

Day Eight: smooth. Gotta keep the legs smooth. #august2015 #augustbreak2015 #shaving #chore A photo posted by Michelle Meazell (@steadythere) on Aug 8, 2015 at 8:20pm PDT

Gonna get married

Today we are getting married … I am so unbelievably excited to marry my Bull. I have never been happier.

There are words to say..

I have things to say, ideas to put down, plots to plot.. but right now I’m just on the sidelines.. just looking out into the world and letting my life be in the distance. For now…

Today has been a better day. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I consumed so much ice cream over the weekend that all the sugar has just gone to my brain and is allowing me to think all… Continue Reading →

Hello New World

So I started my new job this week and of course that put everything else on the back burner (even my 30 day challenge, though I have been putting in multiples most of the time and throwing a bunch of… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Another adventure begins with Michelle and her new website.  I was given the opportunity yesterday to set up my own domain, get started with a new way of thinking about digital identity, as well as how I can help the… Continue Reading →

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