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Oh how she grows..Kindergarten thru Senior Year

I never knew what this would evolve into, had I planned better the beginning would have been bigger but then again, maybe the way the posts grow each year just show how much she grows! Pandy grows in so many… Continue Reading →

Oh how she grows.. Junior

I cannot believe that you started your junior year.  The time has gone by so quickly, it feels like a blur.  I don’t have the ability to write a long “oh how she grows” post these days, simply because time… Continue Reading →

And so it begins

The students have descended upon the hallowed grounds of The University of Oklahoma. They luckily come in trickles and tomorrow will be the biggest move in day yet, with some 2K students moving into the towers. At least that’s the… Continue Reading →

Oh how she grows.. Sophomore

Growing up so fast and like a flash, she’s a sophomore. She had a pretty good summer, most notably the week she stayed with us to go to Rock and Roll Camp for Girls!  She was again a drummer, and… Continue Reading →


I don’t know why I’m up right now. I should be slumbering away by now, but alas here I sit at the kitchen bar, WIDE AWAKE. It’s been a stressful time leading up to back to school next Monday, not… Continue Reading →

18: Look Up

So life got in the way and I fell off the posting daily #augustbreak2015.. but I’m back… Look up. Look up. Sometimes I feel like all I do is look down. Look down while I’m walking. Look down to my… Continue Reading →

Oh how she grows.. The High School years

First Day of Freshman Year! August 12, 2015 I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that today, you started HIGH SCHOOL.  Yes, I’m shouting!  I have a feeling that this year is going to be your year, kid…. Continue Reading →

09: Earth

Day nine: Earth. Trying to help keep the Earth healthy by ditching plastic water bottles and getting a refillable. I have a Kleen Kanteen but it's too big fit in my cup holder in the car and never stays sealed… Continue Reading →

08: Smooth

Day Eight: smooth. Gotta keep the legs smooth. #august2015 #augustbreak2015 #shaving #chore A photo posted by Michelle Meazell (@steadythere) on Aug 8, 2015 at 8:20pm PDT

07: Five Facts about Me

I do hate lists about myself.. well sometimes I can geek out on them, but for the most part I get really self-conscious about what I say about me in lists… I’m a weirdo. One — I love to read… Continue Reading →

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