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January 2015

Happy Birthday Bogie!

Our Bogie turns one today! Can’t believe it’s been a year since the STASH Puppies were born! He’s the one in the middle with the purple pom-poms around his neck! It was such a sweet journey to follow, one of… Continue Reading →


So I’m trying something new.  My focus has been all over the place lately which has resulted in not posting much.  So I’m taking a cue from another blog I read and posting some of my “currents”… Reading: One of my… Continue Reading →

There are words to say..

I have things to say, ideas to put down, plots to plot.. but right now I’m just on the sidelines.. just looking out into the world and letting my life be in the distance. For now…

When you give a girl a cupcake

I love food. LOVE IT. I love all aspects of food especially the sweet, delicious, tasty sweets. My body on the other hand, well it can’t handle it. Mentally I can’t handle it. And by it I mean all the… Continue Reading →

Getting Hitched

In a quick 50 some-odd-days, Tony and I will get married! It seemed like the last year just flew by after our Christmas Eve engagement of 2013. Life kinda took a couple odd twists and turns, but eventually in the… Continue Reading →

2015 – the year of paper and promises

Just like always, I have the best of intentions at blogging. I get all excited to set up a new site (gee, I wonder how many I have out there floating about?), get a few posts under my belt, and… Continue Reading →

Duct Tape and Blood

(forgot to finish this and publish.. so here it is raw) 4 Rolls of Duct Tape (various colors) 8 rolls of moving tape 1000000 boxes Several bruises One manicure ruined One finger-tip sliced Lots of family and friends helping Many… Continue Reading →

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