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September 2014

Good Day Sunshine!

It’s a gorgeous day out today, but I’m inside enjoying it because well… work!  That’s ok, I don’t mind as I do love coming into work everyday. I was able to start my day off wishing my love good luck… Continue Reading →

Hello New World

So I started my new job this week and of course that put everything else on the back burner (even my 30 day challenge, though I have been putting in multiples most of the time and throwing a bunch of… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Donated

I’ve decided to not only try to get rid of things (donate them) but to also keep track just for the sake when looking back. I know the first several days/attempts will have more than others simply because I’m fired… Continue Reading →

Egg Head

I’ve taken to making Egg Cups (as we call them at home) every week so that I have quick snacks to eat.  I eat a no/low carb diet and so I have to think about what is going to be… Continue Reading →

Cleaning House

I’ve decided to start doing something radical at home. Every day for 30 days, I’m going to put something in the donate box. I’m going to start really making an effort to declutter our life. We are really lucky with… Continue Reading →

Endings and Beginnings

Today I sit at my kitchen table as the third week of classes winds down.  I’m not at work, I’ve been off this week and next week as I transition from my previous job into the next one.  After 17 years,… Continue Reading →

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