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August 2014


I finally get to announce what I’ve been so excited about recently! I have accepted a position with the OU College of Arts and Sciences in Online Learning and Academic Technology services! Instructional design, academic technology, great people, and new… Continue Reading →

Notes from a plane

(This was written as I was returning home from a conference on July 18th, 2014 & unedited)Leaving Nashville. Flying in the clouds and seeing the beautiful colours that the sun and sky are making together.. It makes you want to… Continue Reading →

Oh, how she grows

Tomorrow, our daughter Pandorah starts eighth grade. EIGHTH GRADE!! It’s hard to believe. I know we all say that as kids grow, but it is. It’s bittersweet in many ways. I still see this tiny, smiling little girl. The little… Continue Reading →


a·wak·en·ing əˈwāk(ə)niNG noun 1.an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. “the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life” adjective 1.coming into existence or awareness. “his awakening desire”

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